RYE FHC New York

Game Recap

RYE (W) – Wildcats 4:1

It was hot, it was rough, it was dirty, but it was a win! The team started the game with two people down which was a brutal combination with the 90 degree heat. However a late arrival by Lizzy Peijs got the roster at 10 people and the team slowly but surely started playing a bit better. The first half ended at 1-1, the second half improved significantly with a bit of help from a freshly watered pitch that brought up the pace of the match and allowed the Rye Ladies to play their game. Ellie Manriquez and Katy Weeks both had stand out performances in the attack with Manriquez notching two tallies and Peijs and Weeks claiming one each to make the final score 4-1.

Roster: Eggert, Govaert, Kleeblad, MacKinnnon, Manriquez, O’Connor, Peijs, Scherf, Weeks, Willems

Rye FHC – Westchester 1:5

Losing two games in a row is never a pleasure. Especially when it is the first two game of the new season. 0 points after 2 games is not what we had wished for. Yet, this past Sunday was another game that should be categorized as a team with lots of new players getting to know each other, their movements on the field and strengths. The team was very happy to have Carlos from Argentina join the fun for the first time. He played right back and left a very good impression: a stable and worldly-wise factor in the defense. Alex G and Abdel had their season debut and it was great to have them back on the pitch.

It was a hot day with temperatures still being in the way-to-high-fahrenheits when the umpires blew the starting whistle. Despite being prepared during the pre-game tactical discussions for an early push for a goal by opponent Westchester, the team was surprised by a lucky touch right in front of goal by one he opposing player following a penalty corner. 0-1 after just a few minutes. The team recovered well from this early shock and was able to create some chances during the first half that unfortunately did not lead to any tangible results. With a slightly more offensive approach, the team was set to turn around the game at the start of the second half. Instead, Westchester scored two quick goals about 8 minutes into the second half, both of which were contested as, in both instances, the ball had touched at least one Westchester body before passing the line. The umpires, however, were not impressed by the protests. Even though the team somewhat lost confidence at this stage of the game, we were able to build some pressure, resulting in two penalty corners that were not used to our advantage. When the opposing side scored right in the heart of that pressure phase, the game was lost. We conceded another unlucky and unnecessary goal, before saving the team’s honor with at least one goal. Alex G made use of a beautifully executed penalty corner. The end score was 1-5.

Definitely enough room for improvement but, at the same time, some very promising elements to the performance. Thanks to everyone who made the trip up to Sacred Heart and to the train conductor for appreciating the brown bag approach executed by the beer train committee after the game.

MoM: mastermind, holding the defense together, Artur.

DoD: failed high pass with ensuing throwing of own stick high up in the air and a penalty corner against as a result, Srinu.

Olli, Peter, Artur, Carlos, Philipp, Frederik, Onno, Alex G, Abdel, Fritz, Sunny, Pepe, Srinu, Vishal

Rye (M) – ECHP 1:2

Unfortunately we lost our first game on Sunday morning. However, it was going to be tough ask based on overall better news for us. We had seven new players turn out for Rye on Sunday. Philipp, Artur and Fritz come out of Germany. Philipp and Fritz have links to Real von Chamisso. Artur is studying in the city for a while, his father has played with Alex R in the past. Frederick, Michael and Onno are all from the Netherlands. Luca joins us from South Africa. He has been training with Alex G and Abdel.

Given so many new players and only a brief drinking introduction to some on the Friday before, our goal was definitely more team orientated than worrying about the result. The first half was difficult against a quick team. We struggled to maintain possession and let in two fairly soft goals, but not against the run of play.The second half was a considerable improvement, some positional tweaking and hard work gave us more structure and we began to put together some decent attacks. Nico scored with just over 10 to go and we looked threatening all the way to end. The whistle came too early for us to get the goal that looked like it was coming.

Thanks to all of the new players and to the good attendance after the game. Better results look to be on the way. MoM went to Nico. Controversial in the captain’s eyes, but the masses have spoken. DoD goes to Onno for getting sent off for nothing, which must be his fault. Special mention to Luca, who is 15 and did better than most around him.


Olli, Philipp, Nico, Michael, Artur, Srinu, Peter, Onno, Fritz, Frederick, Vishal, Pepe, Benji, Sunny, Luca

Islanders – RYE FHC 1:12

We really needed a win to keep us in contention for play offs and Islanders gave us a helping hand by starting the game on Saturday with 7 players. The weather was pretty horrible, but moving the ball around gave a us a decent start with early goals. complacency and more of their players turning up stopped the flow and the period either side of the half time whistle was not our best. However, a very strong end to the second half saw us run in a lot more goals to help the goal difference.

From what I remember Benji scored six, highlighting his mastery of the finish from 1 to 2 yards. His positioning and work rate were excellent throughout. Finn scored a further 3. Shailesh and Vishal also made the score sheet, among others that can complain to me for under representing their achievements. Desi had an excellent game while getting some pitch time to prepare for the Pan Am Cup.


Olli, Russell, Peter, Alex R, Shehan, Krishna, Vishal, Finn, Desi, Sunny, Benji, Shailesh, Mahesh

Sunday vs. Greenwich 2s 8-0 win

Quick goals at the start of the game set the precedent for a good performance vs. Greenwich. Finn slammed a drag flick off the under side of the cross bar, over the line and back out. Fortunately well spotted by Will Jones and the goal given. There were a lot of good team goals in the game as we managed to hold possession better than any other game this season. Benji continued scoring from right in front. I heard complaints that there were shots that were already going in, but nobody can complain with a 9 goal weekend. Great effort. Best goal of the game and weekend to Vishal who somehow managed to pick up a finish on the byline, above his head to score from a deflection that popped up following a crash ball into the circle.


Olli, Russell, Peter, Shehan, Krishna, Vishal, Finn, Desi, Sunny, Benji, Shailesh, Mahesh, Sujith, Paul


The re-arranged fixtures sent to out to Villanova were important to the league. The season has been significantly impaired by the early season weather and it was great that Rye were able to support the league leadership.

Our somewhat makeshift side made the necessary introductions and set out with a plan to beat the the East Coast youngsters. As was inevitable a team put together in this way was going to have a slow start. ECHP causing difficulty with pace creating overload on the wing. We conceded two fairly soft goals following a bit of pin ball in the circle. However, Rye continued to grow into the game and by the end of the first half had put together a few chances and were showing that we could build out and hold possession.

The second half was a significant improvement. We stuck with what we set out to do in the first half and our play began to look better than our opponents. ECHP chances still came, but the defence held out for the rest of the game. Going forward, the ladies began to dominate and Abdel looked completely unplayable. A little bit more more luck on the run of the ball could have easily seen us back into the game. Towards the end of the first half the angry author hit the ball hard from a short corner and beat the keeper between his legs. We created further good chances and can genuinely hard done by not getting the further goals we need. The short corner count was 5-1 in our favour. Just a bit of something extra missing.

Rye men thank Kevin Paula, Desi and Rhian for coming out to help us keep this fixture. It was a huge effort that didn’t receive the result we deserved. We also thank Hugo for helping Rye and NEFHA.


Olli, Paula, Russell, Nico, Paul, Vishal, Desi, Rhian,  Kevin, Abdel, Srinu.


We played NYC and the first thing to say was that even with some regular players out of town we still managed to put out big squad. That was great and I thank those guys that stepped in to make sure we could play the game and give ourselves the best possible chance. The pre-game talk was to keep it them their chances in short supply for the first half. A lower scoring game was going to suit us. Unfortunately we managed to give up two early goals and gave ourselves a difficult task. Rye managed to get more of foothold in the game in the game and began to create our own chances. The remainder of the game showing that if we can keep our shape for the 70 minutes our ability to score will get us the wins we need.

The final score was 5-2. Probably not the greatest spectacle of hockey with neither team being anywhere near their best. The early goals conceded were too much to overcome.


Josh (GK), Russell, Liam, Shehan, Eldrid, Peter, Sujith, Shailesh, Krishna, Sunny, Ben, Laurence, Joey, Abdel, Sukhi, Vishal


As it happens we only needed a draw to qualify due to a prior conceded game. We also had been reinforced with Ole Keusgen who was working with Abdel over the weekend. Again we conceded first and let in a couple of further soft, although unlucky goals with deflections that gave Olli no chance at all. In this game we did create plenty of chances in the first and couldn’t find the right finish. Goals on the break as we pushed at 3-1 down finished the game, although we ended with a goal. The second half was pretty lacklustre in the heat.


Ole, Russell, Peter, Shehan, Finn, Ole, Vishal, Moz, Abdel, Sunny, Pepe, Inam

This is possibly the last game for Finn, although he hopes to come back to New York in the near future. We hope he comes back. Thanks to Ole for helping us out. Also, thanks to Moz who has helped us out with the last few fixtures and will return to Greenwich.

Westchester – RYE FHC 2:5

Beating Westchester would have given us what we needed to qualify and we struggled from the start. An early goal conceded kind of set the tone and we didn’t really get in to the game from there on in. Both of our goals came from Finn short corners.


Olli, Russell, Peter, Shehan, Krishna, Vishal, Moz, Finn, Desi, Abdel, Sunny, Sujith, Srinu


This week we we got two new players onto the field. Torbjorn (Torbs) is some kind of Anglo-Swedish mix and comes to us from Oxford Hawks. Finn continues the Hamburg goes on Summer holiday to play for Rye theme and plays with HTHC in said city.

On a warm day we faced a strong NYC team. It was fairly obviously going to be a defensive game on our part and we set up with that in mind. We came under pressure from the outset and the first few minutes were uncomfortable. If you’re the underdog, you need to score first and we duly did that with Finn scoring on his debut with a diving shot following a rebound in the circle. The defence held strong for the most of the half NYC drew level following a minor error that was punish. However, we shortly went up the other end to go ahead again following Sunny winning a penalty stroke.

Ahead at half a great result whatever game plan that was forced upon us, was largely working. early in the second half Finn created a chance for himself that went very narrowly wide. Decent chances from there on out were increasingly hard to come by as the heat began t influence the game. NYC eventually put in three goals, although only went ahead with around 5 minutes to go. Much of the credit for holding them out for so long, should go to Olli. Michael Caine was seen nearby sat in a tank, muttering something about Bridges…


Olli, Russell, Shehan, Nico, Alex R, Torbjorn, Finn, Vishal, Krishna, Abdel, Sunny, Srinu, Benji

Rye Men vs NYC – 2:1

Rye welcomed back a club legend for a special guest appearance in the form of Patrick Stutz. He managed to time his arrival perfectly for the game that neither team wants to lose. Rye started very well with Robbert and Chris taking a lot of the strain and patiently holding on to the ball and waiting for something interesting to happen in front of them. Movement from Abdel and Patrick gave us the outlet we needed and Rye created the better chances in the first half. The first goal came from Max via a short corner drag flick and Rye were happy with an excellent half.
The second half was very much in favour of NYC. Rye found it far more difficult to break the press and continually gave the ball away before doing anything useful with it. Hard work without the ball kept Rye in the lead. However the goal did come with 5 minutes to go after a simultaneously ambitious and crap lifted pass out of defence gave NYC numbers over. There did not seem to be much chance of the win given the flow of the second half. However, as with the ladies game just before, a chance was created at the death and Patrick managed to get to the byline and gave Abdel an easy chance to sweep into the open goal and win the game with a minute left. Patrick making the difference even when just visiting after having not played for a while.
Olli (GK), Peter, Shehan, Robbert, Chris, Max, Paul, Vishal, Alex G, Nico, Srinu, Abdel, Patrick, Sujith


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