RYE FHC New York

Game Recap

RYE (M) – NYCFHC 4:1

It’s probably a while since we beat NYCFHC. It’s big result against a good team and a huge three points in a tight league. We welcomed Ed for his first game. Ed has traveled around a fair bit over the years, last coming out the of the UK. He did us a big favour by coming down from Boston. The game started with neither side creating any clear cut chances for what seemed an age. We set out with our now the customary counter attacking set up. Confidence grew and we began to put some shots on goal and pick up short corners. Ed scored at close range, picking the ball up from the keeper’s pads on a short corner. We continued to stick to the game plan and picked up more chances. Benji added a second. I don’t think we conceded a short corner in the half. It’s pretty difficult to pick out anyone in particular, everyone did what they needed to do.

Second half started well. We continued to win the ball and get forward with purpose. Alex G added a third with a deflected short corner. The third goal seemedy enough to win the game. NYC did continue to push and we conceded several short corners in the last 15 minutes. Oli kept them out as usual. The game stretched and both teams created good chances on the break. Towards the end we conceded after being caught short in defence. However, Abdel made no mistake right at the end, with a one on one following another well constructed counter attack.

MoM Ed. For being everywhere and dragging the ball through anyone that came near him.
DoD Mike. Unfortunately missed a sitter at the end. Bit harsh, but if everyone does well, someone has to have it. Getting the train from all the way PA is not enough it seems…

Oli, Russell, Shehan, Srinu, Phillipp, Ed, Nico, Alex G, Vishal, Sunny, Abdel, Benji, Mike

RYE – ECHP 2:1

When ECHP meets Rye, it is never only a competition between two field hockey teams. It is youth vs. experience, speed vs. smarts, preparation vs. execution. And more often than not, it is an exciting 70 minutes of high quality hockey.

Because most yellow warriors still had open bar tabs when the ECHP boys were already dreaming their ways through la-la land, Rye found themselves under significant pressure in the first 10 minutes of the game. Yet, the orderly defense was able to fight off the opponent’s impressively presented attacks.

When the game had just reached a temporary equilibrium, Fritz hit a powerful pass from the right side of the field in the direction of the far post. Pepe backpedaled from his man-to-man marker, sprinted towards the post, went for a fearless dive and skillfully put the ball across the line.

Although Rye created a few more decent chances to increase the lead, the scoring board still only showed 1-0 by the time the competent umpires blew their whistles for half time.

For the second half, the yellow-black aestheticians activated their dreaded tiki-taka mode, with each player touching the ball a maximum of three times before passing it on. As a consequence, they were able to penetrate the opponent’s circle more and more often, winning a couple of penalty corners. Niko put one of those in with a precise low flick for a more comforting 2-0.

Rye was now controlling the game, but during the last 10 minutes, ECHP mobilized their last power reserves and increased the pressure noticeably. After they converted a rebound from a short corner for the 2-1, they launched one attack after the other. Would Rye loose the battle and concede a late equalizer? They would not! With all their skill, routine and nerves of steel, they brought the 3 point home to where they belong, passing ECHP in the league standings.

Building on this strong performance against a powerful ECHP team, Rye can confidently go into the final phase of the season and, hopefully, continue their winning streak.

RYE (M) – Greenwich II 11:0

Back after a two-week break, yellow and black returned to the pitch for a clash with Greenwich II. With most lads arriving late but hungry for victory, we had an almost complete squad with only a few guys missing. A furious start resulted in a quick and comfortable lead. Vishal put his name on the score board, putting the supporters on the stands into a state of ecstasy. While the usual suspects Nico and Abdel got their goals early on, we had a debut scorer for Rye with Johannes converting an elegant through pass Argentinian style with the Greenwich keeper furiously running right at him. Alex G was close to putting the small white ball across the line. However, his shot went way wide and Fritz volunteered to stop it going out of bounce by stopping it with his ankle mid-air. 6-0 at half time created some healthy appetite for more, with Peter requesting the same amount of goals in the second time, while really “this should be a 15-0 guys!”

With that kind of pressure weighing a little too heavy on the team’s shoulders and Peter suddenly assuming the position of central striker, it took some time to get back into the goal-scoring mood. After many a try, Nico managed to get another goal and Abdel scored with a beautiful backhand. Alex G and Mike also got some glory and completed the 11-0 final result. With a few tired phases and hits on the post, the team did not manage to meet Peter’s enthusiastic target. However, with the sun out and Mike’s personal champagne delivery lady Laura being in top form, the third half was certainly up to standard. After one beer each, everybody went home for an early night due to push back at 9am the next day. Good boys.

Team that put in 11 and did not concede any:






Alex G









RYE – Islanders II

The last game was on the Villanova turf against Islanders 2s. It was a very early start for everyone, needing to be there for a 9am start was no fun and the effort was appreciated and rewarded with a win. We also welcomed Mike for his first game in Yellow. Mike is out at Princeton and is from Australia.
After a couple of hours of early morning driving, we had a good first half. The surface is very different from our usual Columbia games and both teams struggled to adjust. To come out of that with a 4-0 lead and not really giving our opposition any decent chances was a great effort. Mike started with 3 goals in his first game. Two short corner strikes and an impressive reverse stick shot into the roof. Benji scored the other with a now customary deflection, using a quick free hit from Nico.
The second half was somewhat disjointed. Oli coming up with decent saves from the numerous corners that were conceded. No further goals for either team and the defence can be happy with a clean sheet. Two points now between 2nd to 5th place.

RYE : Islanders I 4-1

Last Sunday we started with a great result against the Islanders. We setup with a fairly conservative, counter attacking game plan. The team executed really well and we created chances with whatever space afforded to us. Benji scored first after a sending the keeper to the ground in a one and one and a cool finish past a defender on the line. Pepe finished from close range for the second goal and a few short corners showed an extremely efficient return on our possession. Islanders responded before the end of the half with a break and the result of a tackle falling kindly to them and leaving Oli with no chance. The mantra for the second half was to continue the game plan and keep a compact shape.  Islanders made some changes and applied early pressure. Oli made a couple of big saves on short corners and we began to make our own chances again. Abdel won won a stroke when tackled from behind as he was winding up, Nico converted. The third goal was key and the game was more comfortable from there on. Phillipp put he gloss on his already good game by stepping up from sweeper to give Pepe the chance he needed to score his second. Deserved scoreline from a big team performance.
MoM to Benji for his huge work rate and top goal. DoD to Nico, because Nico.
Team. Oli, Peter, Shehan, Russell, Phillipp, Srinu, Vishal, Nico, Abdel, Benji, Sunny, Pepe

Rye – Islanders I 3:3

A full blooded unit of 18 black and yellow warriors gathered on Sunday evening to take on Islanders I. With the tail wind from two convincing wins, the Rye men set out for yet another 70 minute hunt for three important points.

Needless to say the opponent in red had a similar ambition, and they got off to a better start. Due to collective mental and physical somnolence, the Rye goal was heavily under fire during the first 15 minutes. Yet, the fortress of Rye stood strong, fearlessly defending one penalty corner after the other and always getting a stick between the ball and the goal line.

As the sleepiness ceased, the Rye warriors turned the tables. With laser precision made in Germany, Nico placed a penalty corner right next to the far post for a 1:0 lead. Only minutes after, Abdel was first to react in a moment of disorganization in the Islanders’ circle, and left the goalie no chance from 7 yards away. With a tough but deserved 2:0 lead, Rye had the upper hand when both teams huddled for half time break.

The men in black and yellow came out strong and dominated with strong passing, intelligent runs and pinpointed attacks. The defense worked sturdily and the offensive line spared no effort to support them. Nevertheless, within only 8 minutes, the opponents turned the needle their way with an aggressive counter attack, a penalty corner, and another lucky hit after post-corner chaos. 2:3 down with only 5 minutes left on the clock – could the Rye warriors bounce back?

30 seconds before the final whistle, a furious Rye attack could only be stopped with a reckless stick foul. 9 yellow shirts beleaguered the circle line in anticipation of the final penalty corner. A powerful push-in and a deadly stop prepared the ball perfectly for the grand finale act of this match. Could Alex G. show his magic again? Then, an elegant back foot crossover, a long last step and a powerful release. Alex hammered the ball underneath the crossbar, putting opponents and audience to awe-stricken silence.

The Rye men celebrated the well deserved equalizer, and over a drink after the game, pondered the question weather they had won one or lost two points on the floodlit pitch of the Baker Fields this evening.


Team: Olli, Shehan, Carlos, Liam, Peter, Philipp, Onno,Nico, Vishal, Alex, Fritz, Ciaran, Abdel, Benji, Pepe


With Greenwich eyeing a challenge for silverware this year, Rye started with a conservative game plan on Sunday night. The early exchanges were, as expected, Greenwich looking to build possession and Rye looking to counter. Greenwich eventually broke down the defence and scored goals that could opened the door to a lot more. History lesson, Alex G scored a great goal in our prior game. In this game, he scored one I can only describe as disgusting. Run half the length of the field and smash a reverse stick shot at a narrow angle into the far post. The celebration was a bit village though. The goal had a big impact on the game and showed that the team could break and score.

3-1 down at half time. The call was to be more compact, avoid conceding further goals and continue to attack on the break. At that point the defence really stepped up with Shehan, Eldrid, Peter and Clem doing everything in their power to keep Greenwich at 3 goals. Alex G scored again to put us back in touch. Rye created a further 3 or 4 very decent chances to score in the second half, but as had been the case previously, composure was not there when needed. Further pressure from Greenwich game them a late fourth to seal the win. In the end, Rye should be pleased with the second half and continue to improve in the coming weeks. Thanks to Soenke who was a guest player this week (via Ollie). Rye FHC  hopes to see you again.


Ollie (GK), Shehan, Peter, Clement, Eldrid, Russell, Vishal, Ben, Alex G, Sunny, Krishna, Josh, Soenke

Rye (M) – Greenwich II 7:1

Our second game on the new Sacred heart turf on a very humid day. Rye welcomed a guest appearance from Niklas Wellens. The swamp like conditions made it very hard to get up and down the field. It took us a while to produce an opening goal. Most decent attacking play coming through Nico and Niklas. The defense held firm and at the end of the half Rye were 3-0 up.

The second half we created more chances overall and ended up 7-1 to the good. 4 goals from the ringer and one each for Nico,Fritz and Abdel. Decent conversion from set piece was good and a last second buzzer beater from Abdel into the roof of the net was a highlight.

MoM went to Niklas for his 4 goals and DoD to Nico, for being Nico it seems. Bit harsh, but it didn’t hurt his sun tan any.

Olli, Shehan, Christian, Philipp, Liam, Michael, Srinu, Artur, Alex G, Niklas, Nico, Abdel, Fritz, Sunny, Russell

RYE (M) – Islanders II 4:2

First win of the season came with big squad as we managed to put out 18 players. Rye welcomed Ciaran for his first game, who joins us via Spencer HC. The start of the game gave an instant wake up call with Islanders centre forward putting a reverse stick strike onto the cross bar. Rye soon countered with a fierce short corner from Alex G high into the net. Rye soon doubled that advantage with another short corner from Artur. Before the end of the half an unfortunate mis trap let Islanders in for a simple goal,still ahead and worth the lead.

The second half saw islanders score again early and the game became close with some more slip ups from the defenders giving Olli ample opportunity to show his prowess. The game saw a lot of chances at either end, fortunately the next goal went to Rye as Benji finished from close range on the far post. At this point Olli continued to largely save the game as he rescued a one on one with a diving save and then saved a penalty stroke. We continued to make chances as the customary end to end hockey began. Nico finished the game with a finish from a short corner rebound with 8 minutes to go.

An improved team performance, better everything, especially going forward. Followed by beer and sunshine. MoM is somewhat obviously Olli. DoD taken by Philipp, who wore the title on behalf of the whole defence for the handful of mistakes that Olli sorted out for them.


Olli, Peter, Srinu, Shehan, Liam, Philipp, Michael, Artur, Nico, Vishal, Fritz, Luca, Alex G, Abdel, Ciaran, Sunny, Benji, Pepe

Rye (W) – Ramblers 4:0

The team was able to put together an important first win against the Greenwich Ramblers. Despite a slow start to the game the team grew more comfortable on the ptich and with each other leading to fully control the game. Several newcomers came out to join the season opener and made important contributions including Katy weeks who scored two goals off of short corners in her first appearance in yellow. Willems also found the net swinging on a volley shot that found home in the top corner of the goal and Heggli master minded a beautifully executed corner deflection to put the final score at 4-0. The team also put together a strong defensive effort with Rachel Wheeler at the helm of a shut out performance.

Roster: Cabrey, DeChente, Eggert, Goncalves, Govaert, Heggli, MacKinnon, Manriquez, Peters, Scherf, van Eijk, Weeks, Wheeler, Willems


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