RYE Ladies vs Phun 8:1

October 13, 2014
October 13, 2014 admin

Sunday, October 11th — Baker Field Complex. The Rye Ladies were able to bring home a convincing win this past Saturday by focusing on their passing play and pressuring Team Phun’s defense persistently. Heggli began her productive afternoon by finishing on several strong team passes, Jones ultimately found Heggli at the spot who apptly tucked the ball around the keeper for the first tally of the day. Heggli found the net again a few minutes later, this time a pass from Willems was deflected to put the ball in the net. Refusing to dial down the pressure, Rye earned several corners. Peijs cleanly stopped Scherf’s insert and set up Fowler beautifully for a rocket of a shot that went straight past the goalies left foot. Next, another full field passing combination put Govaert on the endline as she found Scherf trailing with a simple past Govaert beat the goalie and set up Scherf for another Rye goal. The first half was rounded up by another impeccable short corner execution when Fowler put a another deadly shot past the goalie. In the second half, Heggli would be the first to score again this collecting a pass from Govaert making it Heggli’s third goal and Govaert’s 2nd assist of the day. Continuing to maintain possession and pressure paid off yet another time with Lonsdale setting up Scherf who found the goal with a quick shot off the top of the circle. Last but not least, Govaert earner a goal with a tenacious play where she picked up her own rebound to blast the ball past Team Phun’s defense making the final score 8-1.

Rye FHC: Bartsch, Fowler, Govaert, Heggli, Jones, Long, Lonsdale, MacKinnon, Peijs, Scherf, van Eijk, Willems, Wheeler

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