May 15, 2018 admin123

It’s probably a while since we beat NYCFHC. It’s big result against a good team and a huge three points in a tight league. We welcomed Ed for his first game. Ed has traveled around a fair bit over the years, last coming out the of the UK. He did us a big favour by coming down from Boston. The game started with neither side creating any clear cut chances for what seemed an age. We set out with our now the customary counter attacking set up. Confidence grew and we began to put some shots on goal and pick up short corners. Ed scored at close range, picking the ball up from the keeper’s pads on a short corner. We continued to stick to the game plan and picked up more chances. Benji added a second. I don’t think we conceded a short corner in the half. It’s pretty difficult to pick out anyone in particular, everyone did what they needed to do.

Second half started well. We continued to win the ball and get forward with purpose. Alex G added a third with a deflected short corner. The third goal seemedy enough to win the game. NYC did continue to push and we conceded several short corners in the last 15 minutes. Oli kept them out as usual. The game stretched and both teams created good chances on the break. Towards the end we conceded after being caught short in defence. However, Abdel made no mistake right at the end, with a one on one following another well constructed counter attack.

MoM Ed. For being everywhere and dragging the ball through anyone that came near him.
DoD Mike. Unfortunately missed a sitter at the end. Bit harsh, but if everyone does well, someone has to have it. Getting the train from all the way PA is not enough it seems…

Oli, Russell, Shehan, Srinu, Phillipp, Ed, Nico, Alex G, Vishal, Sunny, Abdel, Benji, Mike