May 3, 2018 admin123

When ECHP meets Rye, it is never only a competition between two field hockey teams. It is youth vs. experience, speed vs. smarts, preparation vs. execution. And more often than not, it is an exciting 70 minutes of high quality hockey.

Because most yellow warriors still had open bar tabs when the ECHP boys were already dreaming their ways through la-la land, Rye found themselves under significant pressure in the first 10 minutes of the game. Yet, the orderly defense was able to fight off the opponent’s impressively presented attacks.

When the game had just reached a temporary equilibrium, Fritz hit a powerful pass from the right side of the field in the direction of the far post. Pepe backpedaled from his man-to-man marker, sprinted towards the post, went for a fearless dive and skillfully put the ball across the line.

Although Rye created a few more decent chances to increase the lead, the scoring board still only showed 1-0 by the time the competent umpires blew their whistles for half time.

For the second half, the yellow-black aestheticians activated their dreaded tiki-taka mode, with each player touching the ball a maximum of three times before passing it on. As a consequence, they were able to penetrate the opponent’s circle more and more often, winning a couple of penalty corners. Niko put one of those in with a precise low flick for a more comforting 2-0.

Rye was now controlling the game, but during the last 10 minutes, ECHP mobilized their last power reserves and increased the pressure noticeably. After they converted a rebound from a short corner for the 2-1, they launched one attack after the other. Would Rye loose the battle and concede a late equalizer? They would not! With all their skill, routine and nerves of steel, they brought the 3 point home to where they belong, passing ECHP in the league standings.

Building on this strong performance against a powerful ECHP team, Rye can confidently go into the final phase of the season and, hopefully, continue their winning streak.