October 20, 2017 admin123

A full blooded unit of 18 black and yellow warriors gathered on Sunday evening to take on Islanders I. With the tail wind from two convincing wins, the Rye men set out for yet another 70 minute hunt for three important points.

Needless to say the opponent in red had a similar ambition, and they got off to a better start. Due to collective mental and physical somnolence, the Rye goal was heavily under fire during the first 15 minutes. Yet, the fortress of Rye stood strong, fearlessly defending one penalty corner after the other and always getting a stick between the ball and the goal line.

As the sleepiness ceased, the Rye warriors turned the tables. With laser precision made in Germany, Nico placed a penalty corner right next to the far post for a 1:0 lead. Only minutes after, Abdel was first to react in a moment of disorganization in the Islanders’ circle, and left the goalie no chance from 7 yards away. With a tough but deserved 2:0 lead, Rye had the upper hand when both teams huddled for half time break.

The men in black and yellow came out strong and dominated with strong passing, intelligent runs and pinpointed attacks. The defense worked sturdily and the offensive line spared no effort to support them. Nevertheless, within only 8 minutes, the opponents turned the needle their way with an aggressive counter attack, a penalty corner, and another lucky hit after post-corner chaos. 2:3 down with only 5 minutes left on the clock – could the Rye warriors bounce back?

30 seconds before the final whistle, a furious Rye attack could only be stopped with a reckless stick foul. 9 yellow shirts beleaguered the circle line in anticipation of the final penalty corner. A powerful push-in and a deadly stop prepared the ball perfectly for the grand finale act of this match. Could Alex G. show his magic again? Then, an elegant back foot crossover, a long last step and a powerful release. Alex hammered the ball underneath the crossbar, putting opponents and audience to awe-stricken silence.

The Rye men celebrated the well deserved equalizer, and over a drink after the game, pondered the question weather they had won one or lost two points on the floodlit pitch of the Baker Fields this evening.


Team: Olli, Shehan, Carlos, Liam, Peter, Philipp, Onno,Nico, Vishal, Alex, Fritz, Ciaran, Abdel, Benji, Pepe