October 3, 2017 admin123

First win of the season came with big squad as we managed to put out 18 players. Rye welcomed Ciaran for his first game, who joins us via Spencer HC. The start of the game gave an instant wake up call with Islanders centre forward putting a reverse stick strike onto the cross bar. Rye soon countered with a fierce short corner from Alex G high into the net. Rye soon doubled that advantage with another short corner from Artur. Before the end of the half an unfortunate mis trap let Islanders in for a simple goal,still ahead and worth the lead.

The second half saw islanders score again early and the game became close with some more slip ups from the defenders giving Olli ample opportunity to show his prowess. The game saw a lot of chances at either end, fortunately the next goal went to Rye as Benji finished from close range on the far post. At this point Olli continued to largely save the game as he rescued a one on one with a diving save and then saved a penalty stroke. We continued to make chances as the customary end to end hockey began. Nico finished the game with a finish from a short corner rebound with 8 minutes to go.

An improved team performance, better everything, especially going forward. Followed by beer and sunshine. MoM is somewhat obviously Olli. DoD taken by Philipp, who wore the title on behalf of the whole defence for the handful of mistakes that Olli sorted out for them.


Olli, Peter, Srinu, Shehan, Liam, Philipp, Michael, Artur, Nico, Vishal, Fritz, Luca, Alex G, Abdel, Ciaran, Sunny, Benji, Pepe