September 28, 2017 admin123

The team was able to put together an important first win against the Greenwich Ramblers. Despite a slow start to the game the team grew more comfortable on the ptich and with each other leading to fully control the game. Several newcomers came out to join the season opener and made important contributions including Katy weeks who scored two goals off of short corners in her first appearance in yellow. Willems also found the net swinging on a volley shot that found home in the top corner of the goal and Heggli master minded a beautifully executed corner deflection to put the final score at 4-0. The team also put together a strong defensive effort with Rachel Wheeler at the helm of a shut out performance.

Roster: Cabrey, DeChente, Eggert, Goncalves, Govaert, Heggli, MacKinnon, Manriquez, Peters, Scherf, van Eijk, Weeks, Wheeler, Willems