September 27, 2017 admin123

Losing two games in a row is never a pleasure. Especially when it is the first two game of the new season. 0 points after 2 games is not what we had wished for. Yet, this past Sunday was another game that should be categorized as a team with lots of new players getting to know each other, their movements on the field and strengths. The team was very happy to have Carlos from Argentina join the fun for the first time. He played right back and left a very good impression: a stable and worldly-wise factor in the defense. Alex G and Abdel had their season debut and it was great to have them back on the pitch.

It was a hot day with temperatures still being in the way-to-high-fahrenheits when the umpires blew the starting whistle. Despite being prepared during the pre-game tactical discussions for an early push for a goal by opponent Westchester, the team was surprised by a lucky touch right in front of goal by one he opposing player following a penalty corner. 0-1 after just a few minutes. The team recovered well from this early shock and was able to create some chances during the first half that unfortunately did not lead to any tangible results. With a slightly more offensive approach, the team was set to turn around the game at the start of the second half. Instead, Westchester scored two quick goals about 8 minutes into the second half, both of which were contested as, in both instances, the ball had touched at least one Westchester body before passing the line. The umpires, however, were not impressed by the protests. Even though the team somewhat lost confidence at this stage of the game, we were able to build some pressure, resulting in two penalty corners that were not used to our advantage. When the opposing side scored right in the heart of that pressure phase, the game was lost. We conceded another unlucky and unnecessary goal, before saving the team’s honor with at least one goal. Alex G made use of a beautifully executed penalty corner. The end score was 1-5.

Definitely enough room for improvement but, at the same time, some very promising elements to the performance. Thanks to everyone who made the trip up to Sacred Heart and to the train conductor for appreciating the brown bag approach executed by the beer train committee after the game.

MoM: mastermind, holding the defense together, Artur.

DoD: failed high pass with ensuing throwing of own stick high up in the air and a penalty corner against as a result, Srinu.

Olli, Peter, Artur, Carlos, Philipp, Frederik, Onno, Alex G, Abdel, Fritz, Sunny, Pepe, Srinu, Vishal