September 12, 2017 admin123

Unfortunately we lost our first game on Sunday morning. However, it was going to be tough ask based on overall better news for us. We had seven new players turn out for Rye on Sunday. Philipp, Artur and Fritz come out of Germany. Philipp and Fritz have links to Real von Chamisso. Artur is studying in the city for a while, his father has played with Alex R in the past. Frederick, Michael and Onno are all from the Netherlands. Luca joins us from South Africa. He has been training with Alex G and Abdel.

Given so many new players and only a brief drinking introduction to some on the Friday before, our goal was definitely more team orientated than worrying about the result. The first half was difficult against a quick team. We struggled to maintain possession and let in two fairly soft goals, but not against the run of play.The second half was a considerable improvement, some positional tweaking and hard work gave us more structure and we began to put together some decent attacks. Nico scored with just over 10 to go and we looked threatening all the way to end. The whistle came too early for us to get the goal that looked like it was coming.

Thanks to all of the new players and to the good attendance after the game. Better results look to be on the way. MoM went to Nico. Controversial in the captain’s eyes, but the masses have spoken. DoD goes to Onno for getting sent off for nothing, which must be his fault. Special mention to Luca, who is 15 and did better than most around him.


Olli, Philipp, Nico, Michael, Artur, Srinu, Peter, Onno, Fritz, Frederick, Vishal, Pepe, Benji, Sunny, Luca