May 20, 2017 admin123

As it happens we only needed a draw to qualify due to a prior conceded game. We also had been reinforced with Ole Keusgen who was working with Abdel over the weekend. Again we conceded first and let in a couple of further soft, although unlucky goals with deflections that gave Olli no chance at all. In this game we did create plenty of chances in the first and couldn’t find the right finish. Goals on the break as we pushed at 3-1 down finished the game, although we ended with a goal. The second half was pretty lacklustre in the heat.


Ole, Russell, Peter, Shehan, Finn, Ole, Vishal, Moz, Abdel, Sunny, Pepe, Inam

This is possibly the last game for Finn, although he hopes to come back to New York in the near future. We hope he comes back. Thanks to Ole for helping us out. Also, thanks to Moz who has helped us out with the last few fixtures and will return to Greenwich.